See how consumers behave
across the digital and device ecosystem.
Deep insights on today’s consumer on every device,
app, and service they use throughout the day.
Cross-device, net reach and engagement
U.S. consumers spend over 10 billion hours using mobile apps and services, across multiple devices, every single month. Make sense of the complexity.
Insights that help you boost
sales and improve profitability
Reach your audience at the right time by knowing when and where to reach them. Monetize better, optimize spend, and monitor your competitors across the digital landscape.

Hours spent on mobile
apps each day


Hours spent on mobile
devices each day


Active monthly smartphone


Active monthly tablet users

We measure the digital, cross-device consumer.

The Verto Smart Panel

Our on-device metering app, the Smart App, passively measures individual behaviors across all devices, apps, and sites.

Single-Source Measurement

One consumer, multiple devices, apps, and sites. On-device, metered data provides a holistic view of the digital consumer.

Data Published Daily

We provide daily, weekly, and monthly insights on demographics, engagement, and usage—accurate, timely, and on-demand.

Digital Intelligence

The Verto Monitor provides on-the-spot access to rankings, competitive insights, trend reports, and more.

Our digital intelligence platforms.

Let us show you how our data can help you grow your business.

Audience acquisition

Improve your conversions and identify the channels and ad networks where you should invest. Plan your media mix with solid data.

Consumer insights

How do context, demographics, time of day, location, and clickstream patterns affect the time spent with your content or device?

Growth and expansion

How much engagement do you need to be in the Top 10? Identify new users and potential reach for your products and services.

See our analytics in action.

Competitive insights

Benchmark your metrics against theirs. Compare your reach, frequency, engagement, conversions, and demographics.

Audience monetization

Could you monetize better and sell more if you knew more? Know the size, structure, and quality of your audience.

Trends and forecasts

Know where the industry is headed. What devices and services are people using now? What are they likely to use in the future?

We help brands, advertisers, and publishers monitor the digital ecosystem and multi-screen consumer.

Advertisers: Better ROI and Lift

Our analytics help advertisers achieve a solid ROI and a measurable lift on digital advertising and cross-platform initiatives through planning that’s backed by reliable data and analysis on your target audience.

Brands: Deep Consumer Insights

Brands invest millions to acquire and retain customers. The key to success is knowing how, when, and where to engage them. Ensure your brand messages reaches your target consumer with the right offer at the right time.

Publishers: Reach and Engagement

Verto has business-changing solutions for publishers who want to drive audiences to their properties—and continue to strengthen their bottom lines—while expanding across multiple device types and additional properties.

Some of our customers

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