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 Consumer-Centric Measurement

Everything you need to know about the digital consumer

Consumer behavior has changed more in the past five years than in the past 50. What hasn’t changed is how we measure it. We’re a consumer-centric measurement company offering behavioral data from a single-source panel coupled with comprehensive demographics and real-time insights.

In short, everything you need to know about the digital consumer—no matter the device or service of the present or future.

  • Yahoo! is a mobile-first company. Our decision to utilize Verto Content Watch has allowed us to track reach, frequency, engagement, and market/behavior trends on mobile devices, providing us with business intelligence into our own total audience and data to use when developing mobile strategies in Taiwan.
    Francis Che Yahoo! APAC / Head of Insights, Strategy & Research
  • The depth of data that Verto provides is a must-have resource for companies that require deep insights into what consumers are doing to help inform their marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying and product strategy initiatives.
    Friedrich Schwandt Statista / CEO
  • Verto Analytics has been a superb data and insights partner for us. Their behavioral measurement data supports a variety of our strategic planning initiatives related to player behavior and growth opportunities.
    Matt Penfield Zynga / VP of Consumer Insights
  • We at Kargo help major publishers monetize their mobile audiences. Creative, planning and sales teams need holistic data and insights that help in the characterization and profiling of the increasingly mobile-centric consumer. We embrace products and solutions that help us tell a better story and make it easier to understand the quickly evolving consumer.
    AJ Mathew VP of Research & Insights, Kargo