Visualize and Monetize Your Audience

Audience Profiles offers ad-supported publishers independent measurement of their unduplicated audience reach, composition, and engagement across all platforms, apps, and services. Audience Profiles is the first single-source measurement service to combine behavioral, demographic, device usage, and competitive insights in one package. Make it easy for advertisers to buy your audience. Read more about this new product.


Visualize a day in the life of your audience for your advertisers. Highlight unique metrics like time spent on your apps or sites, time spent on other apps and sites, cross-device usage, and more.


Understand the total size of your audience and how and when they engage across your brands, properties, and channels. Only single-source measurement provides an accurate view of the unduplicated reach across all platforms.


Offer comparative insights to help advertisers gauge how your audience differs from your competitors. Compare key metrics such as stickiness, exclusive users, audience size, and cross-device access.

Learn how Audience Profile customers win more ad revenues by telling compelling stories about their users. See our case studies

Day-in-the-Life Report

Day-in-the-Life Report

  • How does your audience behave across the day and across devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.)?
  • How does the consumption of different types of services and content categories depend on the hour of the day?
Competitive Insights

Competitive Insights

  • How does your unduplicated audience reach compare to your competitors?
  • How many mobile versus PC users do you have?
  • How do your daily and monthly average users compare to theirs?