We quantify the consumer journey from one device to another.

The Verto Analytics single-source measurement methodology is based on behavioral data gathered from a panel of consumers that own and use multiple devices. We measure from the point of consumer interaction across all platforms, media, content, and devices. Our panelists, who are compensated for their participation depending on their demographics, opt-in to install a measurement app on their digital devices.

The Verto Smart App passively meters their individual behaviors across all the digital devices, services, and platforms they access on a 24/7 basis. We quantify every single interaction between the user and device and validate the time spent on various screens: For example, watching a program on Netflix, playing Candy Crush, or completing a purchase on eBay.

    Data and insights include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Cross-device audience measurement
  • Discovery, acquisition, retention
  • Usage and engagement
  • Device usage
  • Day-in-the-life analysis
  • Behaviors and demographics

This user- and device-level, location- and time-stamped measurement data is then combined with calibration data that we collect from content-, user-, and platform-centric data sources, including leading advertising, content distribution, and analytics platforms. We operate statistically built consumer panels and use a single-source approach to measure media behaviors. We project hundreds of metrics each day for leading brands, publishers, and advertisers to use in strategic planning and tactical decision-making.

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