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Gain relevant insights about your market, competitors, and audience from one single-source service. Enjoy the convenience of pre-packaged reports delivered straight to your inbox without the heavy lifting of formatting or design.


We customize and align reports to your competitive set and business metrics. Track trends on a monthly basis or get weekly usage stats on a competitive product.


Our research comes in ready-made report packages, delivered straight to your inbox. Our reports are pre-formatted as presentations or spreadsheets.


You choose the delivery frequency—weekly, monthly, or quarterly. And, you can always access daily data from Verto Watch, our syndicated research portal.

Learn how our customers use Verto’s syndicated research to get user-level insights to improve visibility and market understanding. See our case studies

Profile Report

Profile Report

  • What is the demographic profile of my most loyal users?
  • What other apps and services do they use on a regular basis?
  • How is my audience different from other audiences in terms of demographics, usage, stickiness, and engagement?
Index Report

Index Report

  • How can I validate and quantify the rank of key players in my industry?
  • Can I rank digital subjects, combining reach with deep engagement metrics?
  • How is a certain media property performing against its peers?
  • What are the top media properties for a given content category?
Retention Report

Retention Report

  • How long after download do consumers use my apps, sites, or properties?
  • What is the conversion from download to long-term usage?
  • Am I better or worse than my competitors in terms of retention?
  • What drives high or low retention and how could I improve my retention metric?
Day-in-the-Life Report

Day-in-the-Life Report

  • How does your target group behave across the day and across devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.)?
  • How does the consumption of different types of services and content categories depend on the hour of the day?
  • Which day parts are strongest or weakest?