Competitive intelligence and marketing metrics for mobile publishers.

Verto App Watch provides data and insights about daily usage patterns, content consumption, behaviors, and demographics
of mobile app users. Measure your apps and games and compare them to the total market and your competition.

Competitive intelligence

From product roadmaps to market prioritization, quantify the reach, engagement, growth, retention, and audience demographics of your apps and games versus those of your key competitors.

User demographics

Who are your users? What are their ages, gender, and typical behaviors? Know your audience to grow your audience. Use these metrics to boost advertising sales, evaluate new market opportunities, or educate with key stakeholders.

Acquisition and retention

What drives users to download your app and use it daily? Which channels attract and retain the best users, and which users convert more often? Use insights to improve your audience acquisition and media-buying strategies.

App discovery and downloads

How do users discover your apps and games, and what are the cross-adoption rates? How should you invest in search advertising, app store discovery, or mobile advertising to drive more downloads and long-term users?

Usage and engagement

How long do users engage, and how often do they return? Build sticky apps that bring users back every day. Quantify the game/app adoption process and understand bottlenecks in your app’s design or marketing execution.

Monetization strategies

What drives your users to make repeat in-app purchases? Demonstrate the value of your app to brands and advertisers looking to target mobile app users. Which portion of your audience can be monetized? Boost your top-line revenues.

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