Single-source, cross-device audience measurement for advertisers and publishers.

Verto Content Watch helps advertisers and publishers better understand the net reach of their digital properties across all screens and devices.  As a brand, make smarter media-buying decisions. As a publisher, boost your advertising sales with third-party measurement, research, and insights.

Calculate your net reach

Determine the net reach of your mobile and web audiences using a single-source audience measurement solution covering key digital devices.One consumer across multiple apps, sites, and devices. Know your total audience.

Behaviors and demographics

Learn the demographic profile of your users and see how your users compare to your competitors’. Use these insights to improve customer acquisition and take advantage of emerging trends in your market.

Funnel and clickstream analysis

What was your audience doing before they engaged with you? Where did they go after? Learn who converts and who doesn’t. Use our data to optimize monetization and improve cross-device path-to-purchase.

Audience acquisition and growth

Grow your audience and user base. Target users based on behavior and content consumption. Assess new segments and geographical markets. Develop media-buying strategies and acquisition tactics that drive results.

Measure engagement

Learn about the behaviors and demographics of your digital, cross-device audience. Spot trends to improve your products and campaigns with a single-source measurement solution for today’s complex media world.

Competitive intelligence

Spot market trends and compare your metrics to your competition, from net reach to mobile usage engagement, from page visits to churn. Use those invaluable insights to boost your total audience and build an edge against your competitors.

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