Verto Index: Top Mobile Devices

This month’s Verto Index focuses on the top mobile devices —  smartphones and tablets — during the month of January 2016 used in the U.S. by adults 18 and over. Our data reveals that Apple iPhone 6 is the most widely used smartphone (14 percent of all iOS/Android smartphone users).

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The Apple iPad 2 is the most widely used tablet device with 18 percent (16 million users). Samsung is quickly catching up. Out of all iOS/Android smartphone users, 45 percent (73 million users) use an Apple device and 34 percent (56 million users) use a Samsung device. 

This Device Index is a product of the Verto Device Watch which helps device vendors and carriers understand who is buying their devices and how consumers are using their devices, services, solutions, and apps. It also helps the industry to evaluate what apps are driving data traffic and how many devices consumers own. Competitive and market insights help device vendors improve their product development and consumer segmentation. Investors, supply chain vendors and market research companies can update their models to assess which companies, products and platforms are successful in the marketplace of connected devices and related services.

Verto Device Watch reports over 100 metrics daily including:

  • Device vendors (Apple, Samsung, Dell)
  • Device models (iPhone 5S, Samsung Note 3, Sony Vaio)
  • Carriers (Verizon, Vodafone, Softbank)
  • Operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS)

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