Why join Verto Analytics as a software developer?

Here’s what our software developers think you should work at Verto…

Possibility of self-development

  • Self-development is strongly encouraged, and the company helps with that
  • The use of new technologies is encouraged
  • There is a conference budget
  • Allocated time for research: we regularly run research projects about new technologies. Everyone is given a chance to participate
  • There are regular one-on-one development discussions every few weeks with your Team Lead and at least twice per year with the Head of Software

You can have your say

  • We regularly discuss how to improve our coding practices
  • Everyone’s opinion is listened to
  • It is possible to have your say on chosen conventions, technologies, and architecture
  • You can propose a topic for a research project by simply adding a row in a table in wiki

Our software development process

  • We are running an agile scrumban-like process with focus on cross team development and delivering usable features
  • We care about code quality and aim for clean code
  • We have a code review process in place (but not formal code review meetings)
  • We have a coding style
  • We use automated tests, and nothing gets merged without passing them
  • We have regular cleanup days, devoted to hard-to-prioritize technical debt in our codebase; new features and bug fixing on those days are explicitly forbidden
  • Our technology stack is cloud-based (buzzword: cloud-native)

The company is just cool

  • We have active company support for all of the above
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Remote days are possible
  • Company doesn’t insist on the idea of open space office
  • Gym access
  • Snack bar
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