Chart of the Week: CES 2017 Edition

As the 50th annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off in Las Vegas this week, trend watchers and industry pundits have their eyes on one of the year’s largest consumer electronics exhibitions as the harbinger for the next big trends in tech. The annual show is widely seen as an opportunity for tech giants and startups alike to unveil their latest gadgets and make their best impression on the journalists, investors, and enthusiasts in attendance. This year’s biggest trends include everything from AR and VR to connected home and IoT-powered devices to self-driving vehicles. But one thing is clear: devices are a core component of the show. But how much time are consumers already devoting to their devices? And do they have the time and attention for yet another gadget?

How much time are we already spending with our devices?

According to Verto Analytics data, the average American adult (aged 18 and above) already owns an average of 5 devices. And while PCs are still the single device that accounts for the greatest amount of consumer time spent (accounting for more than four days of total time spent per month in both October and November), mobile devices combined (smartphones and tablets) account for more time spent on devices overall: on average, American adults spent more than 74 hours per month on their smartphones, and more than 37 hours per month on their tablets.

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