Chart of the Week: Whose Livestream Numbers Eclipsed Whose?

Monday, August 21, marked the first total eclipse to span the entire continental US in 99 years, and the internet wasn’t about to let anyone forget that. In the weeks leading up to the big event, advertisers from Oreo to Chiquita Bananas ran eclipse-centric campaigns, and a plethora of eclipse-related merchandise – including those ever-important glasses – made for brisk business on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

Which website hosted the most popular eclipse livestream?

A variety of news outlets and media sites offering livestreams (and live commentary) of the big event. Verto Analytics looked at user numbers four of the most popular eclipse livestreams to see which one gained the most users – and potential viewers – over the course of August 21: CNN, the Weather Channel, Twitter, and NASA.

According to Verto Analytics data, while all four websites experienced an increase in users on the day of the eclipse, NASA ( experienced the most dramatic increase in users on August 21. While the NASA website averaged about 1.9 million unique users per day between August 1-22, that number spiked to just over 17 million users on August 21 – nearly a 900% increase. CNN also enjoyed a healthy boost in users during the eclipse: while saw an average of 6.55 million unique users per day between August 1-22, that number rose to nearly 10.6 million users on August 21.

Interestingly, the eclipse had a relatively minor impact on Twitter user numbers. Despite a much-hyped livestream collaboration with the Weather Channel,’s eclipse day traffic rose less than 12%, to 16 million users. At the same time, The Weather Channel saw a 22.5% increase in traffic, with more than 4.3 million users on August 21.

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