The Finnish Venture Capital Association profiles Verto

Today, the Finnish Venture Capital Association published Richer data on the life of the modern consumer, their profile on Verto Analytics and our founder and CEO, Hannu Verkasalo. We’ve shared an excerpt below; click here to read the full profile on FVCA’s website.

Verto CEO Hannu Verkasalo
Verto CEO Hannu Verkasalo

The offices of Verto Analytics overlook a pasture. The contrast between the view and this young, successful company is huge: only 14 months after launching their product, the company has already made an impression on the big corporations of Silicon Valley and New York. Even the executive team of Facebook is using data produced by Verto when planning on how to beat Snapchat.

Verto has built a scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) information service on top of their multichannel media measurement data and is now actively selling it to the world’s largest internet, TV and advertising companies through their offices in San Francisco, New York and London. If you ask the folks at Verto, the future will see even more companies using Verto’s products to beat their competitors. Also, the majority of advertising budgets will be channeled according to measurement data provided by Verto.

The CEO of the young company, Hannu Verkasalo, is not old himself, although you could easily be mistaken if you were only going by his CV. The Doctor of Technology has a total of five university degrees and is also a successful serial entrepreneur. One of his companies, Zokem, was sold to Arbitron, a company listed in the USA. The sale rocketed Verkasalo to the role of Deputy CEO at Arbitron. It’s safe to say he has quite a track record.

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