Introducing Mary Sheehan

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Mary Sheehan to the Verto family, where she’ll be be joining our office in San Francisco. Prior to joining Verto, she founded The Go-To Marketer, a consulting company, and also held product roles at AdRoll and Google. In her first blog post, she explains what excites her to most about Verto now, and what she’s excited to work on next.

I recently joined Verto as their Director of Product Marketing, an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I thought this was the right time to make the jump for three main reasons:  I’m really interested in the consumer measurement space, Verto has really unique data and products that no one else does, and an amazing culture.

The “So What?” of Consumer Behavioral Measurement

I’ve worked in tech for over 10 years and have always had a particular fascination with measurement – it’s what ties everything in the tech world together. New technology is coming to market at a rate we’ve never experienced before. As a marketer, I’ve always tried to unpack how consumers adapt to new technology – it helps us understand things like adoption, targeting, and behavior. Despite my interest, there has always been a chasm between consumer behavioral data, and the “so what” to the company looking at the data. The way I describe Verto Analytics to my friends and family is that we bridge this gap – Verto helps companies understand how and why consumers are using technology, in ways that can fundamentally help shape their business.

Verto’s unique methodology and platform

When I was considering my next job opportunities, I noticed that Verto had something others didn’t: unique data our customers can’t get anywhere else. Our competitors are part of the “old guard” – they are using outdated methods to convey the path of the digital consumer by meshing together different discreet touch points – mobile, PC, smart TVs, etc. But Verto has taken the time to build and maintain a single source panel – that (anonymously) looks at one user and their interaction with many devices. This is accomplished by passively metering the many devices those in our opt in panel use. This is the most accurate and trusted kind of measurement, and frankly – there isn’t anyone else doing this well. This allows companies to get really granular with the metrics they are looking at – and measure unique metrics like “day-in-the-life” behaviors, and dig in to more complex consumer habits such as multitasking.

Verto has also democratized access to consumer behavior and market research with our product, Verto Watch. This type of open access is incredible, as it brings data directly to the fingertips of researchers, marketers, and anyone else in the organization who needs it. From a product marketing perspective, packaging and marketing this data is a fun challenge: we’re finding new audiences and new use cases for the data all the time. During my first month in the job, we even won an MEA award for Excellence in Technology Breakthrough! This was a great boon to the impact this product has made already.

The Importance of Culture + People

Verto is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has offices in San Francisco, New York, and London. I just got back from my first trip to headquarters: Everyone I met was whip-smart, enthusiastic, and growth focused. Great women leaders in the like our CAO Meri Kupiaien and our newest board member Liz Musch show that even though we’re a growing company, Verto prioritizes diversity and inclusion from the get go. I was touched that in my first week, for our holiday gift this year, we all received a copy of Ellen Pao’s Reset from the CEO.

What I’m Looking Forward to Working on Next

Product marketing is a really interesting role that sits between the customer, product, sales, and marketing. I like to describe it as the customer information hub of the company. I’m ultimately responsible for the voice of the customer, and also growing product revenues. This year, our goals are incredibly high but the opportunity is immense. I’m also working closely with our product team to build the right products for our growing customer base. I just kicked off a customer research project based on the Jobs to Be Done framework that will yield new product and feature ideas. Lastly, I’m thrilled to be part of the rising tide of measurement companies, helping to make sense of consumer behavior and new technology.

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