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The U.S. mobile gaming market is quite fragmented – there are more than twenty publishers in the Verto Top 30 Mobile Games Index. Half of the publishers are domestic, but considering how Microsoft and Sony, for example, dominate the console and PC gaming market, it is surprising there are no Asian publishers on the list. Two of the most recognizable mobile gaming brands, Zynga and Supercell, manage to have only one game each in August’s Top 30 list.

Candy Crush Saga is still the favorite among mobile gamers with 20.1M monthly users, but it only has a 41 percent stickiness rate. The Verto Stickiness Index reveals the real success of a property, and can result in surprises if only looking at downloads and user numbers.

VSI – Verto Stickiness Index

The Verto Stickiness Index (VSI) compares daily users with monthly users to reflect the active, loyal, and engaged part of the audience. The higher the stickiness, the bigger the share of daily users versus the monthly users is. When looking at the VSI rates of the Top 30 mobile games, Supercell is the clear winner with 76 percent VSI for Clash of Clans, while My Talking Angela rises from number 27 to the Top 5 with 54 percent VSI – even though both of these games have fewer users than Candy Crush Saga.

Clash of Clans, Class of Its Own

Regardless of which metric you look at, it is clear that Clash of Clans is in a class of its own. Users spend more time both monthly and daily playing the game than with any of its rivals. In a month, on average players spend 13.5 hours playing the game, while other properties only engage users between one and eight hours per month. Clash of Clans also tops the chart in terms of the number of monthly sessions per user; its players play the game more than six times a day.

King Knows the Magic of Addiction

However, King is still the leader when it comes to the number of top mobile games. It has six games in the Top 30, with Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga leading the pack. All of King’s games enjoy relatively high session lengths of around eight minutes, demonstrating how addictive their games can be.

Mobile vs. Tablets

Although the reach for tablets among the U.S. population is nowhere near the reach of smartphones, 86M users for tablets compared to 162M for smartphones, eight of the Top 30 mobile games still managed to reach more tablet than smartphone users. These games include familiar names such as Solitaire by MobilityWare, Bejeweled Blitz, Farm Heroes Saga and Angry Birds. It’s obvious how important the screen size is for many players.

Among the top five games, only Trivia Crack fails to replicate its smartphone reach levels in tablets, reaching only 1.8M tablet users while the others average around 6M.

Word Games Growing in Popularity

Among the Top 30 games, Puzzle, Casual and Arcade genres dominate the list. Word games are also popular among mobile gamers. There are three games in the list and one of them, Words with Friends, is second in the overall ranking.

The Real Winners

You’ll find the real winners when you look beyond downloads and user numbers. Clash of Clans is only at number 8 with 6.4M monthly users, but the users keep playing the game more often and much longer than any of the other Top 30 games listed in the Verto Index – resulting in a 76 percent stickiness rate. Another clear winner is King with six top games in the Top 30. Clearly, King has found the magic of creating addictive mobile games.

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