The Digital, Mobile Consumer: A Day in the Life

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Sometimes data is just facts and figures. Other times, the numbers tell a story of the rise and fall of a popular app or put a face to one user among millions. We took a sample of the top 10% of active users of some of the most popular apps in the U.S. and crunched the numbers. We intentionally selected apps that fall into different categories — from social to payments — to paint a picture of 24 hours in the life of a digital, mobile consumer.


In a day, this user taps into a minimum of 14 different apps during one day. The top 10% are accessing these services using various devices, and often, accessing the same app from 3 different devices. We can tell you what a day might look like, or we can show you.


Meet Caroline…


Some of the apps that a digital, mobile consumer like Caroline uses have unexpected usage patterns and peak times. For example, PayPal is used most often between 11am — 2pm. Uber’s peak times coincide with commuting and late night outings (surge pricing, anyone?).

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